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Abby & Josiah Engagement Session, Tandy Hills

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Can you believe Easter is almost upon us? I wish time would slow down just a bit especially during this beautiful time of year! I am so grateful for the warmer days, things coming back to life and fields of flowers. That is my happy place!

I met Abby & Josiah at Tandy Hills Nature Area. They wanted to have an engagement session before she returned home to prepare for the wedding. These two will be apart until June so they needed some pictures to hold on to. Tandy is always such a pretty place for golden hour sessions - so romantic and peaceful! Abby said that after 6 years together, they had never had pictures taken together and you would never have known it. They just fell into it so naturally.

The future bride and groom have dated for 6 years and met in high school. Yes, they are truly childhood sweethearts. Josiah is finishing his masters and Abby is teaching and making cookies professionally on the side. Their future looks so bright. Their family has been asking them when they were going to get married, and I guess the time is finally right.

Blessings and many joys to Abby & Josiah as they begin their lives together as husband and wife in June!

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