Eddie & Rachel's Family Session

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Growing families...You guys are just such an inspiration to me! I look at you pour out of a car and after my first big gulp of air and trying not to hyper-ventilate on how beautiful and perfect you all look, my wheels start spinning - How can I perfect what is so perfect already?? I watch mom fixing her little's hair, dad grabbing up a child bolting towards whatever and think - you guys are just amazing! Please God help to show them how beautiful they are!

I am finding out that society has taught us that the perfect photos are the ones where everyone is smiling perfectly at the camera at the same time. While that is amazing, it is just as beautiful when I can capture you guys' authentic love and personalities playing out right before me. You can't pose perfection.

This growing family's love for each other just melted my heart. The colors, the textures and the light just was beautiful.

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