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Kevin & Michele, 25 Years Together!

This family is such an inspiration to so many people... After 25 years together, Kevin and Michele are still so in love and have been blessed with 8 beautiful children. This family has always been extremely active in the Church, volunteering, sports, homeschool arena, and social activities.

25 years of marriage was the perfect opportunity to come together for family portraits while all the kids were at home again to celebrate it with their parents who they adore. Their eldest son is a Franciscan Friar, second oldest son has been doing Catholic missionary work out of state and is now engaged to a beautiful lady, and their third eldest son is away at college and brought home his significant other to meet the family over Christmas and this special occasion. The other 5 are each dynamic in their own ways and are still at home for a little more time.

You guys are just a joy to be around! Kevin and Michele, the fruit of 25 years is showing so profoundly in your marriage. I cannot even fathom the joys and rewards you will receive in this life and the next as your kids grow up and start their lives well prepared by the awesome example you guys gave them of what love looks like in good and bad times. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary! I am so happy that we got to be a part of it along with way!


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